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Use 10 seconds of voice recording conveniently.
Includes high-quality and natural voice retrieval function.
Can be used as a megaphone module.
With loop playback, jog playback and single-pass play functions.
Can be controlled by single-chip availably. 
Can directly drive a small loudspeaker in 8 ohm 0.5W.

Material: FR4
Power Supply: 3V~5V
Loudspeaker: 8Ω, 0.5W
Module Size: 4.1 * 3.7 * 1cm / 1.61 * 1.46 * 0.39in
Loudspeaker Diameter: 3.9cm / 1.54in
Package Size: 11 * 8 * 4cm / 4.33 * 3.15 * 1.57in
Package Weight: 66g / 2.33oz

How to use:
REC Button: record button, press to record voice, release to stop recording.
RLAYE Key: playback voice in trigger mode, click to play the current entire segment of voice.
PLAYL Key: playback voice in jog mode, press to playback voice, release to stop playback.
RPL Jumper: controlled by loop play mode, it can be looped.
FT Jumper: direct control, can playback microphone voice through the speaker.

Package List:
3 * Voice Recording Modules
3 * Loudspeakers
3 * Cables

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