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This copper washers kit of allen head socket hex screws with solid copper sump plug washer - all in a high quality plastic case. It contains the following sizes: M5*9*1 (30pcs), M6*10*1(30pcs), M6*12*1(20pcs), M8*12*1(20pcs), M8*14*1(20pcs), M10*14*(20pcs), M12*16*1 (20pcs), M12*18*1.5(20pcs), M14*18*1(20pcs).

200PCS kit includes the M5-M14 copper washers.
Work greatly as sealing washer and solid copper sump plug washer set.
Widely used for cylinder, valve, automobile, pump, electrical, bearing, sump plugs, water, fuel and hydraulic fittings.
High quality copper washers, melting point up to 1083.
Packaged and assorted in a plastic case, convenient and easy for use & storage. 

Color: Gold
Material: Red Copper
Quantity: 200PCS
Application: Cylinder, Valve, Automobile, Pump, Electrical, Bearing, Car, Marine, Generators, Machinery and Plant.
Type: 9 kinds (M5-M14)
Quantity * (I/D * O/D * Depth):
30PCS * M5*9*1
30PCS * M6*10*1
20PCS * M6*12*1
20PCS * M8*12*1  
20PCS * M8*14*1
20PCS * M10*14*1
20PCS * M12*16*1
20PCS * M12*18*1.5
20PCS * M14*18*1
Size of the Storage Box: 124 * 65 * 22mm / 4.88 * 2.56 * 0.87"
Package Weight: 167g / 5.90oz
Package Size: 12.4 * 6.5 * 2.2cm / 4.88 * 2.56 * 0.87in   

Package List:
200 * Copper Washers Gasket
1 * Storage Box

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