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This receiver is designed for receiving the calls between the aircraft and the tower, matching with the good performance antenna(VHF Yagi paragraph). It can receive calls between various types of aircraft and the tower within 190KM in the open space.

Adopt a band-pass filter, 3355 high-level, NE602 mixer, MC1350 programs in place, can receive 118-136MHz AM signal.
Printed directly on the PCB trace inductance, greatly simplifying the assembly of difficulty.
The board has to listen to the AGC circuit to ensure comfortability, while avoiding the long squelch noise.
DC12V for power supply, convenient to use.

Power Supply: DC 12V
PCB Board Size: 92 * 75mm
Package Weight: 67g

This is a DIY kit, hasn't been assembled yet!
Due to the VHF bands have similar propagation - rectilinear propagation of light, but the receiving location accessible from the airport, distance(greater than 25Km's) must be installed VHF Yagi antenna contour segment gain antenna; receiving location between the airport large obstructions (including but not limited to tall buildings, mountains, towers) is always around the obstacle, thank you!

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1 * Airband Radio Receiver DIY Kit

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