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Input voltage is DC5V~27V, rated output current is 5A.
With 4pcs MOS transistors working indicators.
Signal type: use sinking current driving for signal control.
Support most of singlechip to drive directly.
Support PWM signal frequency within 20KHz.
Optocoupler isolation.

Input Voltage: DC5V~27V
Output Current: 5A, can keep persistent current within 5A
Standby Current: 3mA
Item Size: 60 * 30 * 15mm
Item Weight: 14g

1. Make sure the input voltage is DC5V~27V; it will burn the driver board if over voltage.
2. Please connect the driver power correctly, recommend you to use a 10A fuse for series connection.
3. Power on after connect the driver board and motor, otherwise it may burn the board for short circuit.
4. Keep the driver board dry, don't short out the electronic components.

Package List:
1 * DC Motor Driver Module

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