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AD9833 is a programmable waveform generator capable of generating a frequency 0-12.5MHz sine, triangle, square wave signal. Waveform generator is widely used in a variety of measurement, excitation and time domain response field; output frequency and phase are programmable via software, easy to adjust; clock frequency is 25MHz, precision 0.1Hz; clock frequency is 1MHz, the precision can reach 0.004Hz. Via three serial interfaces to write data.

On-board 25MHz(accuracy is 50ppm) active crystal, stepping accuracy is 0.1Hz.
On-board 300M high-speed amplifier and also has a low-pass filtering function.
Two-channel output signal, one original signal output, another amplified 5 times output signal PGA, 50 ohm output impedance.
Very small size: 32mm * 32mm.
Support universal plate(tunnel plate), a multiple-board pins are 2.54mm, can be easily welded universal board.

Frequency excitation/waveform generation, liquid, gas flow measurement.
Sensing applications-approximation, sports, defect detection.
Linear loss, linear decay.
Test equipment, medical equipment.
Scanning, clock generator.

Working Voltage: 2.3V-5.5V
Working Temperature: -40°C~105°C
Weight: 6g

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1 * AD9833 Signal Generator Module

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