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This digital audio amplifier board uses NE5532 low-frequency processing amplification, and then through the TPA3116D2 high-performance digital power amplifier core power level amplification, audio signal through double high-resolution amplification, both the sound quality and power can be taken into account.
Support 50W (left channel) + 50W (right channel) dual channel output with high efficiency & high power.
Support BT audio receiving, external source input interface, USB and MP3 decoding and playing, FM multi-radio radio function.
Wide working voltage and power saving design, the efficiency is up to 90%. Can use switching power supply with good performance, notebook power supply, rechargeable bottle, vehicle power supply and so on.
Optimized design with superior quality material, large current red ring inductance, special radiator and convenient terminal.
Power amplifier for the fanciers, HIFI sound quality, high fidelity, small size, easy to carry and easy to use.
Product Characteristics:
Both AC and DC universal
BT wireless connection
USB audio decoding: support for WMA, MP3, WAV, FLAC lossless music file formats
External voice input (mobile phone, computer, MP3, DVD, etc.)
Radio FM multi band radio receiver
Automatic switching of play mode
Voice prompt
Multi state indicator lamp
Product Application:
The mobile phone will connect with each other and enjoy the experience brought by the sound quality.
Home theater sound field control, with stereo adjustment, can produce a shocking sound field, take you to the scene.
Vehicle player, DIY audio, to meet all kinds of public occasions and home auditions.
Color: Black
Material: Acrylic + PCB FR4
Supply Voltage: DC12-24V / AC8-16V
Output Power: 50W*2
Output Load: 4-8Ω
Frequency Range: 14-100KHZ
Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB
Number of Vocal Tract: Double Channel Stereo
Switching Frequency: 1.2MHz
Wireless Transmission: Transmission Distance≥10 meters, using the latest BT 4.2 protocol
Rotary Knob Height: 17mm / 0.7in
Plastic Antenna Length: 40mm / 1.6in
Retractable Antenna Length: 80~240mm / 3.1~9.4in
Item Size: 118 * 84 * 45mm / 4.6 * 3.3 * 1.8in
Item Weight: 246g / 8.7oz
Package Size: 18 * 12 * 5cm / 7.1 * 4.7 * 2.0in
Package Weight: 258g / 9.1oz

1. Sufficient power supply is recommended. The current must be large enough, otherwise the power of amplifier and horn can not be used, otherwise it is easy to play the jam.
2. Please control the appropriate volume of the small power horn, with the appropriate horn and box, the sound effect will be better.
3. There is a fever phenomenon in the use of digital power amplifier, and the heat dissipation can be strengthened.
4. The use of 4. chip super power will cause sound stuck, which is the protection function of the circuit. It belongs to normal. It only needs to reduce the volume appropriately, if the power is not enough, the stuck phenomenon will also occur.
Package List:
1 * BT Power Amplifier Board
1 * Acrylic Protective Shell

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